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Content is fundamental in any Inbound Marketing strategy and can make a big difference when it comes to attracting a qualified audience, converting and retaining customers. At Clásica Publicidad we are experts in SEO Copywriting, we know how to impact your most similar audience with the appropriate content marketing strategy.

These are some of the benefits of SEO Copywriting:

Brand authority

If your website, your social networks and other channels offer quality material, this will benefit your corporate image. A company that provides valuable advice and has professional designs is more trustworthy and attractive. It is for this reason that SEO Copyriting favors brand visibility.

Increased web traffic

A correct SEO Copyriting strategy is your best ally to achieve traffic and web positioning. If someone goes to a search engine, like Google, to get advice or information about something your brand offers, you will be more likely to find you if you have relevant content.

Lead generation and sales

Creating and publishing content of interest to your target audience, complementing it with traffic capture techniques (SEM, Social Ads, SEO, Social Networks, etc.) allows you to considerably increase the probability that users advance in their purchasing process until the acquisition. of the company's product and/or service.

Acquire positioning in Google with our SEO Copywriting service

One of the most repeated phrases in the world of search engine optimization in recent years is: “Content is king”.

Content is the backbone of your site

It is not enough to “just” take into account external factors of Off Page SEO, such as link building.

Nowadays, whether it is a company website or an eCommerce, to have a chance of positioning itself in Google SERPs, it is essential to publish quality content that is useful to the user.

You can have a super-optimized site, but if the content is poor, it's unlikely to rank.

Even if, strangely enough, your site ranks well, with poor content you will still lose a lot of sales – this is a fact.

As an SEO Copywriting Agency, what can we do for you?

An SEO Copywriting agency will help you increase the success of your business

There are many advantages that SEO Copywriting can bring you:

With a content strategy you have the opportunity to establish communication in the best possible way.

It is not enough to write good texts if they are poorly indexed. The SEO Copywriter Agency combines content creativity with search engine optimization.

In a social media strategy, well-written and optimized texts are easier to spread and share on different social media.

Generate quality traffic, that is, attract the attention of users who are really interested in you, your products and/or services.

Know what users want and how to offer it to them.

This is the one who will be able to communicate exhaustively who your brand is and what it proposes.

It is an effective and durable positioning “tool”.

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